Method R Corporation is a software performance company founded by Cary Millsap. Our specialty is the complex application built atop the Oracle Database. Our results are routinely spectacular, and our passion is contagious. We can help make your software faster at any phase of your project, whether you’ve developed your own application, or you’re using one that someone else wrote for you. We can do it for you, or we can teach you how.

Performance is response time

Performance is response time—the time it takes your business to get something done. That’s what the “R” in “Method R” stands for. Even if your focus is throughput, you can’t optimize throughput if your application is wasting response time. The first key to managing performance is thus measuring response time.

Method R is all about response time.

At Method R Corporation, we make software tools that help your application collect its own response time data automatically. We make tools that help you analyze that information once you’ve collected it. And we have the right people to help you put everything together the right way.

We can do it for you, or we can teach you how

When you respond properly to the right performance data, your systems become faster, cheaper, and more reliable. We teach courses that convert ordinary professionals into remarkably effective performance analysts. We can teach you how to optimize your systems yourself, or we can do it for you.

Don’t just fix problems; prevent them

Method R is not just for fixing problems. It’s for preventing them, too. The grail of performance management is the ability to see the end-user performance experience in whatever detail that you want. We can help you see trends in response times so you can fix problems before your users ever notice them. We can bring you closer to that goal than you might ever have imagined was possible.

Method R products and services

Method R offers the following products and services: