One of the most important questions that everyone in a business has to be able to answer is, “What does your company do?”

If the answer wanders or uses buzzwords, or if different employees give different answers, it’s a sign that the company lacks focus.

It’s more difficult than it sounds to answer a question like that. Should my answer be different based on whom I think I’m talking to? Should the answer be different for a stranger on an airplane than for someone who has just watched me talk for an hour about Oracle trace data?

I think the answer should be the same for everyone. The person asking the question gets to take it from there.

So what does Method R do?

  • We teach people how to make computer systems go faster. Predominantly Oracle ones.
  • We sell special software tools that make it easier for people to make their Oracle computer systems go faster. These tools show you performance from a perspective that no other company gives you.
  • We write or re-write people’s computer software for them so that their systems will run faster, even when thousands of people use them at the same time.

That's what we do.


# darina olahova 2011-11-16 20:28
these information are really useful thanx :D
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