New Release! Announcing MR Tools (Method R Tools) version 2.0, our new production version of the trace file tools that we use every time we analyze an Oracle trace file. MR Tools is the perfect companion for the Method R Profiler. If you use tkprof, MR Tools will show you what you’ve been missing. Priced beginning at us$397 per userid.

One of the most important questions that everyone in a business has to be able to answer is, “What does your company do?”

One of the most important tools we use in our performance analysis engagements is MR Skew. It’s been an important part of our software tools catalog for a little over a year. Today, I’ll explain why we built it and show you what it can do for you.

Last Friday, we released version of our Method R Trace tool. I like any release that has a big long list of new features and bug fixes. It’s mostly little stuff, but there’s one feature in particular that I’m in love with. It’s our new file delete function.

Welcome to our new Method R Corporation blog. Here, we will blog about Method R software products, events we’re attending, our experiences, how we learn, cries for help, and whatever we think might be mutually interesting (to you and to us).

I'll contribute here personally, of course. More importantly, I intend to goad my colleagues here at Method R Corporation and perhaps some other friends into contributing as well. We'll see how that goes.

So, ...hello. And welcome.