Some of the biggest, best-known companies in the world count on Method R consulting services delivered by Cintra, to create new high-performance applications and to optimize the performance of existing applications.

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We specialize in projects like the following:

Helping you optimize your software products
People who are great at optimizing software are expensive to recruit and retain. Our specialty is being great at optimizing software so you don't have to recruit for that. Our experience working with benchmarks and performance tests is just what you need to optimize the value of your hardware test lab experience. It can be especially important for you to get help with complex or particularly performance-sensitive parts of your application.
altWriting code for you
We can write SQL and PL/SQL code for you, from your specification, and we can help you optimize your specification.
Assessing performance of applications before go-live
As you might imagine, it's much better to find and fix performance problems before your users or customers have a chance to notice them. We offer performance assessments in which we measure the efficiency of your applications (throughout the whole software stack), show you how to eliminate the inefficiencies, and then leave you with a record of baseline performance behavior to which you can compare future performance. Done rigorously (for example, with our SLA Manager), this strategy allows operational system managers to detect and prevent performance problems before their users ever perceive them.
Helping developers write better code through education and coaching
Helping your developers includes showing them how to tune SQL and PL/SQL as they write it, instilling better performance testing discipline throughout the development process, and helping developers instrument their code to make it easier and cheaper to diagnose and repair problems later in production.
Fixing performance problems on production systems
No matter what the root cause of your problem is, if it's affecting performance, we can help you find it. That includes problems with SQL (whether it's your own or your vendor's), schema problems, system hardware or software configuration problems, application middle tier problems, problems in your client-side code, and more.
Advising department leaders on policies, procedures, or procurement decisions
Optimizing your IT department is no easy task. We can help you optimize the delicate balance of performance versus cost and availability. If we don't know the answer, we know who does, and our relationships around the world will ensure that we can get that answer to you.

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