You'll get support for your Profiler software from the company who sold it to you.

If you purchased the Hotsos Profiler from Hotsos, then Hotsos will continue to manage your business relationship. For example, you'll pay your maintenance fees to Hotsos, just like you always have. You'll download your new software versions from, just like you always have.

However, as of April 1, 2008, the Profiler software product is owned and managed by Method R Corporation, using the same development team who invented and managed the product at Hotsos. We sell the same product under the Method R Profiler brand name. If you haven't bought the Profiler yet, then we hope you'll buy it directly from us.

Regardless of where you bought the product, for questions or suggestions that might require product changes, you should visit the Method R discussion group. The search function there will help you find out in a flash whether your question or suggestion is already in our database. If it's not, then here's where you can inspire a new idea.