You should go to Method R Corporation for all Hotsos Profiler support.

As of November 14, 2014, Hotsos is no longer a distributor of the Method R Profiler software package, which Hotsos formerly marketed under the “Hotsos Profiler” brand name.

Method R Profiler is the same Profiler you already know and love (except now it’s a lot better, since our huge December 2014 upgrade), but from now on, it will bear the Method R company name. Our team at Method R have invested our time and energy into the continued care of the Profiler since we left Hotsos in early 2008.

Method R Corporation will provide patches and software upgrades directly to your company for the duration of your current Hotsos Profiler maintenance agreement. Click here for instructions to set up your account with us.

For questions or suggestions about the product, please visit the Method R forum. The search function there will help you find out in a flash whether your question or suggestion is already in our database. If it’s not, then here’s where you can inspire a new idea.