Performance Instrumentation for PL/SQL: When, Why, How (PPT)

Performance Instrumentation for PL/SQL: When, Why, How (PPT)
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Karen Morton
19 December 2008
Performance instrumentation is a little extra code that developers put into their PL/SQL applications that tells everyone—owners, users, system managers, and the software developers themselves—exactly where your software is spending your time. With it, managing performance is a snap. Good instrumentation makes it so normal people, not just specialists, can diagnose and solve performance problems quickly and permanently, often before your users even sense something is wrong. However, without good time-based performance instrumentation, managing performance becomes nightmarishly complex and expensive. With as little as two lines of code you will be able to monitor specific tasks in your application and make one of the most difficult steps of implementing response-time based problem diagnosis (Method R) into one of the easiest. In addition, these techniques will enable you to correlate database statistics back to business tasks and help discover those tasks that are heavy resource consumers. This presentation will provide examples of how to perform the instrumentation using Oracle's built-in packages and a free open source instrumentation package called the Instrumentation Library for Oracle (ILO). Its cost on every level is free, and the significant collateral benefits that can be achieved will make code instrumentation part of your coding standards.