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Software Packages

All prices in this section include a Maintenance License.

PackageSoftwareLicense typePlatformPrice (usd)To get yours...
Method R Workbench Method R Profiler
Method R Trace
Method R Tools
Oracle SQL Developer 4
$2,227 Buy now
Method R Workbench 5-pack Method R Profiler
Method R Trace
Method R Tools
Oracle SQL Developer 4
$10,808 Buy now

Software à la Carte

All prices in this section include a Maintenance License.

SoftwareLicense typePlatformPrice (usd)To get yours...
Method R Trace 1-person Oracle SQL Developer 4 $50 Buy now
Method R Profiler 1-person M+L+W $1,180 Buy now
Method R Tools 1-person M+L+W $997 Buy now
Method R ILO GNU LGPL Oracle Database 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c Free Download
Method R SLAm 1-instance Contact us $31,250 Contact us


Course prices varies by location, software package options, and other factors. See course registration detail for complete information.

CourseDuration (days)Info...
Thinking Clearly about Performance (C. Millsap) 1 View course
Mastering Oracle Trace Data (C. Millsap) 1 View course
Mastering Oracle SQL (R. Crisco) 2, 3, 5, or 10 View course
SQL and Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code (C. J. Date) 3 View course
Normal Forms and All That Jazz: a Database Professional’s Guide to Database Design Theory (C. J. Date) 2 View course


Here are books that current or former Method R Corporation employees have written.

TitleAuthorTo get yours...
Mastering Oracle Trace Data, 2nd edition Millsap Order now
Optimizing Oracle Performance Millsap, Holt Order now
Expert PL/SQL Practices Rosenblum, Crisco, et al. Order now
Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table Nørgaard, Millsap, et al. Order now
Pro Oracle SQL Morton et al. Order now

The Small Print

Platform Key

Method R software runs directly on the following platforms:

  • M – Apple Mac OS X
  • L – Linux
  • W – Microsoft Windows

The platforms listed here describe where the Method R software actually resides, typically on your desktop or laptop computer. We usually do not install the software directly on the database server. All Method R software will work with trace files from all Oracle database platforms, including, for example, IBM AIX. Simply use Method R Trace or FTP to transfer the files from the database server to your own computer, and then use the Method R software there.

License Type Definitions

Per-Person License. A Software Per-Person License restricts the number of people who can run the Software. Each Software Per-Person License unit entitles one specific person to run the specified Software on any system, using any login id. A Per-Person license is not transferrable to another person. With a Per-Person license, the distribution contains the licensed software for all the platforms we support.

Per-Instance License. A Software Per-Instance License restricts the number of Oracle Instances with which the Software can run. Each Software Per-Instance License unit entitles any number of users to run the specified Software upon output created by one single Oracle Instance. An Oracle Instance is defined as one set of Oracle background processes/threads and a shared memory area, which is memory that is shared across those processes/threads running on a single computer. For example, a 3-node Oracle Real Applications Cluster (RAC) system, is a 3-Instance system.

Maintenance License. An active Maintenance License entitles a licensee to download and install, at no additional fee, all new versions of the specified Software (for the licensed platforms) that are released within eleven (11) months from the date of purchase. To download and install a version released after this period requires an additional fee.

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