Quite a few years ago, I created an Oracle/Java system for a client that supported only a handful of users, but did quite a bit of processing. Years later, and after an upgrade or two, I revisited that same system. Things had slowed quite a bit and since I happened to be re-reading Cary Millsap’s Optimizing Oracle Performance at the time, I decided to use his performance methodology to attempt to tune the system. The client had no budget for any of Oracle’s performance tuning packs or Method R tools. However, by simply turning on extended tracing and applying the methodology in Cary’s book, I was able to fine-tune the system and easily spot the problem areas. One portion that involved fairly involved processing and generated thousands of PDFs was reduced from taking 13–16 minutes, to 26 seconds! The biggest surprise for me was how relevant the book still is, even with 10g and 11g. Thanks for a great book! Maybe I’ll convince them to buy Method R tools for 12c… ;)

Shelby Spradling

Technical Architect / Technical Project Manager / Oracle Developer, Spradling Consulting, Austin, Texas