Ask for a tour at a shop or dealership that works on Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, or any other high end vehicle. Take a look at the tool boxes, and the tools. You will see names like Mac, Cornwell, Proto, and Snap-on.

These tools are expensive. There is a reason for that. These tools are accurate and well made. The wrenches are forged, not cast—they don’t break under pressure. The people working on these vehicles depend on these tools to make their living. These are the tools they go to every day.

Take a look at your tool box—what's in it?

Method R tools are the Oracle Diagnostic equivalents of Mac, Proto, Cornwell, and Snap-on. The Method R Workbench is the tool box of choice for Oracle Performance analysis. There are free tools that do many of the same things, and I have used them. But, I’ve only used them only if Method R was unavailable.

A basic Snap-on tool chest filled with tools will cost $10–20k US, maybe more. The price that Method R charges is an irresistible bargain.

Jared Still

Principal Consultant, The Pythian Group, Beaverton, Oregon