Method R Profiler

The Method R Profiler is a precision instrument that makes simple work of knowing exactly why your application consumes the response time it does. With minimal training, a Method R Profiler user can—in just minutes—identify the root cause of an Oracle-based application performance problem, propose sensible solutions to it, and predict the end-user response time impact of each proposed solution.

The Profiler has enabled me to resolve performance problems that could not have been resolved in any way other than by pure luck.
Tony Aponte
Database Administrator
Clearwater, Florida

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New Features and Bug Fixes

Method R Profiler Change Log

About the Method R Profiler

What, exactly, is the Method R Profiler?

  • Method R Profiler is an Oracle Database 10046 extended SQL trace file processor with a Section 508-compliant (29 U.S.C. 794d) graphical user interface.
  • The Profiler creates a richly detailed HTML report whose fundamental element is the profile, with this basic structure:
  • Subroutine Time (sec) Call count Avg. latency
    Total 100% 51.855
    disk read 90% 46.668 2,639 0.018
    other 10% 5.187 31,038 0.000
  • Method R Profiler runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows, where it can process trace files generated by any Oracle Database running on any operating system.
  • Profiler users generally transfer trace files from the Oracle Database being analyzed to their local machine with software tools such as FTP, NFS, or our Method R Trace extension for Oracle SQL Developer version 3.

Who uses the Method R Profiler?

  • Oracle application developers use the Profiler to find and fix bugs in their code, and to measure and optimize their code while they’re writing or repairing it.
  • Oracle performance analysts use the Profiler to test new Oracle-based software, measure operational performance experiences, and troubleshoot Oracle-based software performance problems.
  • Oracle database administrators use the Profiler to prevent performance problems by measuring application performance on test systems, and monitor and troubleshoot user performance experiences on production systems.
  • Non-technical users and department managers use the Profiler to connect detailed Oracle performance data with the end users’ performance experience that affect the business.

What’s unique about the Method R Profiler?

  • The Method R Profiler enables you to answer the deceptively simple “four magic questions” of performance: How long? Why? What if? and What else?
  • The Profiler encourages a repeatable method for solving software performance problems. It thus reduces your experience, training, and intuition requirements.
  • The Profiler is easy to use. With Method R Trace, users can profile sessions executed within Oracle SQL Developer version 3 with just one click.
  • The Profiler creates a complete, accurate response time profile that shows where all your user’s response time has gone, even when some of that time was consumed in application tiers other than the database.
No other software comes close to the precision and trustworthiness of Method R software.
Alex Gorbachev
Chief Technology Officer
The Pythian Group

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Evaluating the Profiler Before You Buy It

The following resources will help you understand Method R software in detail, so you can be fully informed before your purchase:

We’ve tried to provide all the information here online that you’ll need to make your buying decision. However, if you want to talk with us before you buy, just let us know. We’ll be happy to arrange a call or a GoToMeeting session.

A word about software evaluations... Evaluations are time-consuming and expensive, both for you and for us. They just are. But we never want you to feel like you’re at risk when you do business with us, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to protect you from ever buying something from us that you don’t like. Maybe because of this guarantee, you won’t need to go through that expensive evaluation project after all.

I have used the Profiler software since 2002 to solve numerous elusive performance problems. The Method R Profiler and Method R Tools are the best Oracle performance diagnostic tools I have ever used.
Andrew Zitelli
Principal Software Engineer with Honors
Thales-Raytheon Systems

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Buying Method R Profiler

You can purchase Method R Profiler right now in our online store. We offer single-user and small multi-user packs right in the store. If you are interested in purchasing software licenses in greater volume than we list in our store, then please let us know how many licenses you are thinking about buying, and we’ll send you a quote.

We hope you’ll consider buying the Profiler as a part of the Method R Workbench software package. The Workbench contains additional software tools that help you do the extra things you need to do with your trace files. Our blog post called “The Method R Profiling Ecosystem” explains in detail.

I have played with Method R Tools and some trace files. The Profiler has just done its job. I’m amazed. I even had to get my copy of Optimizing Oracle Performance. Why didn’t anyone tell me before? :-) I think I have learned more on tracefiles and performance the last 14 days, than I have the last 14 years.
Lars Johan Ulveseth
Senior Systemkonsulent
SYSCO · Bergen, Norway

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Welcome Hotsos Profiler Users

Optimizing Oracle PerformanceIf you are a Hotsos Profiler customer, then welcome aboard! You may not realize it, but you’ve been using the Profiler software developed by Cary Millsap’s team at Hotsos in the early 2000s, but then maintained and refined at Method R Corporation since early 2008.

From November 14, 2014 forward , your profiler software will bear the company name of the people who invented profiling for Oracle and who have invested their time and energy into the Profiler’s continued care.

We hope you’ll love using the Method R Profiler for many years to come.

The Story of Profiling

Our video called Why you need a profiler for Oracle (4:06) tells the story of why profiling is important. In case YouTube is blocked where you’re sitting, or if you just prefer the written word, here’s the transcript of the video. We hope you’ll still want to watch it when you get home.

What is a Profiler?

A profiler is software tool that can tell the story of where your time goes when you run a computer program. A profiler is useful to anyone who needs to fix bugs or make programs run faster. The big deal about profiling is that it lets you look directly into the experiences that your users are feeling. A profile that explains why this user’s click took 52 seconds is a document that everyone in your company can understand, both technical and non-technical alike.

Because the profile’s unit of currency is the time that users wait for results, profiling creates a consistent company-wide language for talking about performance. This is also why profiling requires less training than other performance measurement tools. Learning to profile is the easiest way to become a superb performance optimizer.

The Four Magic Questions

To be a superb performance optimizer, you have to know how to answer four deceptively simple-sounding questions. These questions are like “magic” because answering them creates incredible value, but most people have no idea how to find the answers. People are so accustomed to not being able to answer these simple questions that they’ve learned to not even ask them. With a profiler, though, it’s easy.

So then, what are these four, “magic” questions? The first one is…

How long?
Your users know exactly how long it takes to use the programs they run every day. But a lot of system administrators don’t. Profiling shows exactly how long your users’ experiences with the system are taking. It connects you to the experiences people are having with your system. Once you know how long a program ran, you’ll want to know the answer to magic question number two…
Why did it take so long?
When you profile, you figure out that there are only and exactly two ways that a program can run longer than it should. Either it’s doing something more often than it should, or the things it’s doing are taking longer than they should. By showing you complete information about how your system spends your user’s time, profiling leads you to exactly which of the thousands of things that could be going wrong, actually are going wrong. And not only do you know what’s wrong, you can know exactly what each mistake is costing you — in hours, minutes, and seconds. That leads us to magic question number three…
What if?
A profile makes it easy for you to predict the exact impact of changes you’re considering. What if you upgrade that SAN? How much will it improve the speed of your key money-making click? Will it help you enough? Knowing what will happen before it happens focuses your attention on the right things and prevents you from making huge investment mistakes. The fourth and final magic question is…
What else?
When you’re trying to make a program go faster, how can you tell when you’re finished? Is it when you’ve confirmed all your system’s configuration options? When you’ve tuned all of its code? When you’ve checked everything twice that you can think of? Your work is done when and only when your program executes no unnecessary code path, and the code that is necessary runs as fast as your hardware is supposed to go. Profiling is the only way to know when that’s happening.

Profiling Means Better Decisions

Developers profile to make their code better. DBAs profile to test and troubleshoot. Non-technical users and decision-makers profile to see what’s really happening, from the user’s perspective. No matter who you are, profiling helps you answer the four magic questions, which helps you make better decisions about how you invest your time and money. And that’s the whole point of it. Profiling means better decisions.

The Method R Profiler for Oracle

The Method R Profiler is a precision instrument for measuring the response times of Oracle user experiences. Our customers call it the best they’ve ever used. It runs on Mac OS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Visit us on the web to learn more.

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These could be your stories.

  • One of the most difficult tasks facing system performance analysts is to answer the seemingly simple question, “Why is this taking so long?” The Method R Profiler brings you the answer within two mouse clicks, for any Oracle-related performance problem. No other tool makes you as efficient. Read more about how the Method R Profiler is solving performance problems for our customers.
  • Nearly every system we examine uses more than twice as much hardware capacity as it needs. Imagine the cost savings of eliminating the waste that would enable you to run your applications on half the hardware. The Method R Profiler reveals waste like a microscope reveals bacteria.
  • Conventional performance management tools look at your performance from your computer’s perspective. But to maximize the impact of performance improvements to your business, you need to view performance from the user’s perspective. The Method R Profiler is built specifically to help you do that.
  • By comparing Profiler output of critical business processes over time, it becomes easy to recognize gradual performance deterioration before your users do.
  • The diagnostic power of the Method R Profiler is extraordinary. On countless situations in which root causes had evaded detection for weeks or even months, new Profiler users have resolved problems permanently in less than an hour.
The first time I used it, the Profiler helped me reduce the run time of one query from 6½ hours to less than 11 minutes.
Guðmundur Jósepsson
System Performance Analyst
Reykjavík, Iceland

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