Method R Workbench

Oracle response time measurement with microsecond precision.

Method R Workbench is our complete set of Oracle Database response time measurement tools for database application developers, DBAs, and decision-makers.

In 1974, Donald Knuth wrote that “the universal experience of programmers who have been using measurement tools has been that their intuitive guesses [about which code is critical] fail.” It’s still true today, but in the Oracle ecosystem, it can be hard to find measurement tools you can trust.

Method R Workbench is what we use, and it’s what hundreds of developers and DBAs have used to stop guessing. We have tools, manualsbooks, courses, …everything it takes to get you to, “I got this.”

Why you need a profiler for Oracle (4:07)

These are the best Oracle performance diagnostic tools I’ve ever used.

Andrew Zitelli

Principal Software Engineer with Honors at Thales-Raytheon Systems

Technical Details

What is Method R Workbench?

Method R Workbench is a suite of software tools for processing Oracle Database event 10046 extended SQL trace files. The tools run on macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, where they can process trace files generated by an Oracle Database running on any operating system.

Users may access Method R software through a Section 508-compliant (29 U.S.C. 794d) application, or through a scriptable command line API. Users generally transfer trace files from the Oracle Database being analyzed to their local machine with the Method R Trace extension for Oracle SQL Developer (included), or with software tools such as FTP or NFS.

The centerpiece of Method R Workbench is a response time profiler that creates a richly detailed HTML5 report whose fundamental element is the profile, with this basic structure:

Subroutine Time (sec) Call count Avg. latency
Total 100% 51.855
disk read 90% 46.668 2,639 0.018
other 10% 5.187 31,038 0.000

This format makes simple work of knowing exactly why your application consumes the response time it does. The HTML5 document uses color and structure to guide your analysis. With minimal training, a Method R Workbench user can—in just minutes—identify the root cause of an Oracle-based application performance problem, propose sensible solutions to it, and predict the end-user response time impact of each proposed solution.

Method R Workbench contains a collection of software utilities for querying and editing trace files. These tools, for example, help you answer performance questions that are outside the scope of the profiler.

Method R Workbench includes the Method R Trace extension for Oracle SQL Developer version 4. When Method R Trace is enabled, it will create and retrieve an Oracle event 10046 extended SQL trace file that precisely accounts for the execution duration of SQL and PL/SQL within a SQL Developer worksheet. Oracle SQL Developer can be configured to run Method R trace file processors directly from its Open With feature.

Who uses Method R Workbench?

Lots of companies, including many Fortune 100 companies, use Method R software.

  • Oracle application developers use Method R software to find and fix bugs in their code, and to measure and optimize their code while they’re writing or repairing it.
  • Oracle DBAs use Method R software to prevent performance problems by measuring application performance on test systems, and to monitor and troubleshoot user performance experiences on production systems.
  • Non-technical users and managers use Method R software to connect detailed Oracle performance data with the end users’ performance experiences that affect the business.

What’s unique about Method R Workbench?

Method R Workbench gives you unparalleled relevance, reliability, ease of use, and precision:

  • Method R Workbench enables you to answer the deceptively simple “four magic questions” of performance: How long? Why? What if? and What else?
  • It encourages a repeatable method for solving software performance problems. It thus reduces your experience, training, and intuition requirements.
  • It is easy to use. With Method R Trace, users can profile sessions executed within Oracle SQL Developer with just one click.
  • Method R Workbench creates a complete, accurate response time profile that shows where all your user’s response time has gone, even when some of that time was consumed in application tiers other than the database.

Release Notes

Trials and Licenses


Anyone with a valid email ID can download and run Method R software in trial mode. Without a valid license key, Method R software will run only in trial mode. Trial mode allows you to try all of a product’s features before buying a license:

  • In trial mode, Method R Workbench will run only upon pre-designated demonstration trace files that we distribute.
  • In trial mode, Method R Trace will run for only 14 days from the date of its original installation.

Read about how Method R software works in our comprehensive product documentation. Try Method R software on your own.


Method R software requires a valid license key to run in full-feature mode. In full-feature mode, you can run Method R software upon any trace file you want. You may purchase a license key from Method R or one of our authorized resellers. A Method R license key is valid for a pre-defined duration. You can see the remaining duration of your license key in each application’s About dialog. Once a license key expires, Method R software returns to trial mode. Click here to see the complete Method R Software License Agreement.