The Method R Workbench 5-pack software package puts the power of Method R Profiler, Method R Tools, and Method R Trace into the hands of five of your top developers, DBAs, and performance analysts. The 5-pack bundle starts you down an important path where DBAs sysadmins and developers can use the same tools and the same language to measure and manage the performance experiences that your users are feeling when they use your system. There is no more profound, long-lasting improvement that you can make to the performance of your systems than to introduce the response time profiling habit to your staff. Ask about discounting for larger volume purchases.

When the word got out that we could show with certainty if the application and/or database were causing unacceptable response times, all of the finger pointing towards the database disappeared. I mean, total silence from the complaint farm.
Tony Aponte
Database Administrator
Clearwater, Florida

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The Best for Your Enterprise

Oracle delivers the best database in the world, but there aren’t many good tools for measuring user performance experiences. There are lots of dashboards you can use, but what happens when your users are suffering, but your dashboard dials are all green? To really improve performance for the people who are suffering, you need to see performance the way those people are experiencing it, from the click, through the application code, to the metal and back again. Oracle extended SQL trace files can give you that information, with detail that will amaze you.

Profiling: the Language of, ...well, Actual People

Method R software tools do the dirty work for you of mining what you need to see from the tremendous amount of detail in your trace files. Cary Millsap and his Method R have revolutionized the way we solve performance problems. You can use the very same tools that the world’s best performance consultants use. Profiling of software instead of monitoring of systems has created a new language of performance management, a simple language in which you ask direct questions like, “How long did that program take?” “Why?” And “How will response time change if we do x?”

Transform your enterprise today by incorporating this language into your SOP, whether that be CMMI, ITIL, Six Sigma, ...whatever you got. This is inconceivable with traditional monitoring approaches. Whatever your current process, you will be amazed at the benefits to be gained from having a common language that ties application developers, DBAs, system administrators, users, and business leaders together in ways never before achieved.

We’re turning it around by communicating that we are here to help and that we had bought licenses for a few group leads. Some of them are starting to seek advice earlier in the projects, not only for performance analysis but architecture as well.
Tony Aponte
Database Administrator
Clearwater, Florida

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What’s In the Package

Here’s what you get in the Method R Workbench software 5-pack:

Evaluating the Workbench Before You Buy It

The following resources will help you understand Method R software in detail, so you can be fully informed before your purchase:

We’ve tried to provide all the information here online that you’ll need to make your buying decision. However, if you want to talk with us before you buy, just let us know. We’ll be happy to arrange a call or a GoToMeeting session.

A word about software evaluations... Evaluations are time-consuming and expensive, both for you and for us. They just are. But we never want you to feel like you’re at risk when you do business with us, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to protect you from ever buying something from us that you don’t like. Maybe because of this guarantee, you won’t need to go through that expensive evaluation project after all.

I have used the Profiler software since 2002 to solve numerous elusive performance problems. The Method R Profiler and Method R Tools are the best Oracle performance diagnostic tools I have ever used.
Andrew Zitelli
Principal Software Engineer with Honors
Thales-Raytheon Systems

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The Fine Print

Here are the definitions of the Method R Software Licensing terms. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Per-Person License. A Software Per-Person License restricts the number of people who can run the Software. Each Software Per-Person License unit entitles one specific person to run the specified Software on any system, using any login id. A Per-Person license is not transferrable to another person. With a Per-Person license, the distribution contains the licensed software for all the platforms we support.

Per-Instance License. A Software Per-Instance License restricts the number of Oracle Instances with which the Software can run. Each Software Per-Instance License unit entitles any number of users to run the specified Software upon output created by one single Oracle Instance. An Oracle Instance is defined as one set of Oracle background processes/threads and a shared memory area, which is memory that is shared across those processes/threads running on a single computer. For example, a 3-node Oracle Real Applications Cluster (RAC) system, is a 3-Instance system.

Maintenance License. An active Maintenance License entitles a licensee to download and install, at no additional fee, all new versions of the specified Software (for the licensed platforms) that are released within eleven (11) months from the date of purchase. To download and install a version released after this period requires an additional fee.

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