The Method R performance assessment is different.

What is a system? To different people, the word means different things. But every single person who does the real work of a business will tell you, “My system is the set of application functions that I use.” And performance? Plain and simple, performance is how long a user has to wait. And that’s exactly what Method R consultants measure when we assess a system.

A Method R performance assessment is a direct investigation of your users’ system performance experiences. We use high-precision response time measurement tools to learn quickly whether your applications expend any wasted effort or have unnecessary blockages in them, all the way up and down your hardware and software stack. If we find problems that either diminish your performance today or put your future performance at risk, we show you how to fix them (if you want us to, we’ll fix them for you). If your system is in great shape, then we explain how we know it’s in great shape. If your software and configuration are all good, but your hardware just isn’t strong enough to handle your requirements, we’ll help you figure out what you need. Every step of the way, we show you how we know.

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