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Cary Millsap’s new book, Faster: How to Optimize a System, is the fruit of over 30 years of experience perfecting the optimization method that’s used today by thousands of technology professionals all over the world. In Faster, Cary explains in a clear and thoughtful voice why systems perform the way they do.

Cary Millsap has a gift. Yes, he’s brilliant at making things run faster, but his true genius is translating complex problems into simple, powerful ideas.

Liz Wiseman · New York Times bestselling author of Multipliers and Impact Players

Faster is the single most concise material on the topic of performance analysis and optimization out there.

Jonah H. Harris · Director of AI & ML at The Meet Group

Training for technology professionals.

Mastering Oracle Trace Data

Learn how to use Oracle traces to answer questions that you won’t answer any other way. This course includes nearly 14 hours of pre-recorded, self-paced training, taught by Cary Millsap, and a 30-day license key for Method R Workbench and Method R Trace that you can use to solve real problems during the course.

Faster: How to Optimize a System

Cary Millsap can help your whole department think clearly about why systems perform the way they do. Choose your favorite topics from his new book, Faster: How to Optimize a System: look at it, method, profiling, measuring performance, optimizing, delays, waste, problem solving, predicting, latency hiding, fallacies, testing, planning, and politics.

Cary Millsap Technical Writing Workshop

A good technical document needs to be relevant, strong, crisp, informative, and interesting. In this session, author Cary Millsap will show you how to improve your writing to better showcase your hard work, and even to improve the quality of the work you’re writing about.

Your work and your writing create a feedback loop, in which your writing informs—that is, actually changes—your work.

Software for Oracle DBAs and developers.

Method R Workbench

Method R Workbench is the ultimate software for analyzing, managing, and manipulating Oracle trace files.

It’s your pathway to super-fast, high-precision control over thousands of trace files at once.

Video introduction to Method R Workbench

Method R Trace

Method R Trace is our extension for Oracle SQL Developer makes collecting trace data an effortless experience for application developers.

It’s your zero-click trace file collector that integrates perfectly with Method R Workbench.

Video introduction to Method R Trace

What’s it like to work with Method R?

It just makes sense.

Many people discover Method R after months or even years of struggling with traditional performance measurement tools. Method R makes sense because it’s always hooked into business priority.

I can’t believe I was in my forties the first time I saw how to optimize a system the way Method R does it. Now, it doesn’t even make sense to me that anyone would try it any other way.

Richard Russell · Former 7-Eleven enterprise architect · Irving, Texas

Your first profile is like a light coming on.

The first profile is transformative: “Oh… So that is what this program has been doing?!” When you finally look at your system with the light turned on, you see mistakes that nobody else has ever seen.

I’m not exaggerating. One minute after I profiled it, I was able to pinpoint the problems in the application.

Tony Aponte · DBA · Clearwater, Florida

Fluid, natural, effortless.

Our aim is software that is a delight to use, connecting you with your work so fluidly and naturally that you wouldn’t dream of working without us.

Wow… Just wow. Absolutely blown away by how simple yet effective it is.

John Scott · Founder of APEX Evangelists · Leeds, UK

Method R is not just for wizards.

Method R training requirements are surprisingly inexpensive for DBAs and application developers, because Method R just makes sense.

We use Method R software almost daily for diagnosing performance issues. It’s easy enough for my users to understand that I don’t even have to explain anything.

Nancy Spafford · DBA and Tech Lead at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory · Livermore, California

We can help you cross your finish line.

We are software developers who can help you develop faster, more scalable software that’s less expensive to operate. …Whether you’re working with Oracle. Or not.

I turn to Method R not only to provide these wonderful tools and the education to know how to use them, but also in time of crisis to ask for help when we’re in over our heads.

Andrew Zitelli · Software Engineer · Fullerton, California

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