How to Make Things Faster

A book by Cary Millsap

Slow systems are frustrating. They waste time and money. They can even kill projects and jeopardize careers. But making consistently great decisions about performance can be surprisingly easy, …if you understand what’s going on. This book explains in a clear and thoughtful voice why systems perform the way they do. It’s for anybody who is curious about how computer programs and other processes spend your time and what you can do to improve them.

I can’t believe I was in my forties the first time I saw how to optimize a system the way Cary and his team do it. Now it doesn’t even make sense to me that anyone would try it any other way.

Richard Russell, Former 7-Eleven Enterprise Architect

Cary Millsap has a gift. Yes, he’s brilliant at making things run faster, but his true genius is translating complex problems into simple, powerful ideas.

Liz Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author of Multipliers and Impact Players

Looking at challenges from the perspective of end users is what makes Faster so insightful. Cary reminds us that in order to solve real performance challenges, we need to work on what’s most important to the people who interact with the systems we design, build and operate.

Dominic Delmolino, Vice President at Amazon Web Services

It’s both satisfying and refreshing to see Cary explain effortlessly, in normal English, these topics that so many people stumble over.

Guðmundur Jósepsson, Director and Performance Specialist at Inaris

Every technology executive responsible for mission-critical systems should read Faster. It’s one of the easiest and most entertaining reads you’ll find, and it will prepare you thoroughly for handling— that is, solving and avoiding—technology performance crises.

Mark Sweeney, Former technology executive at Bank of America