OFA Standard—Oracle for Open Systems

The OFA Standard is a set of configuration guidelines that will give you faster, more reliable Oracle databases that require less work to maintain.

The OFA Standard is written by the founder of the Oracle team responsible for installing, tuning, and upgrading several hundreds of sites worldwide since 1990—this paper is based on the best practices of those hundreds of sites. Today the “Optimal Flexible Architecture” described in the OFA Standard is built into the Oracle configuration tools and documentation on all open systems ports. This paper formally defines the OFA Standard for configuring complex Oracle systems at sites demanding high performance with low maintenance under continually evolving requirements. It also details how the OFA is derived from requirements essential to successful implementation of complicated software on any system. Along with the definition of the OFA, this paper will also reveal the strategy and analysis that motivate the individual recommendations of Oracle Services’ Optimal Flexible Architecture. By reading this paper, you will more fully understand the challenges that confront the Oracle Server configuration planner.

This is the original document published September 24, 1995, brought to you here with the kind permission of Oracle Corporation.

By Cary Millsap

Owner and president of Method R Corporation.

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