Designing Your System to Meet Your Requirements

The technical architect of an application system is responsible for building a system that meets the goals of the end users. To succeed, this person must combine the right hardware components with suitable application architectures, always obeying complex functional, operational, and economic constraints.

This job is complicated. A noticeable lack of good tools, methods, and experience have made it all the more difficult. Yet an inadequate technical architecture will doom an application. Oracle’s success in the mainframe downsizing market has begun to produce tools, methods, and experience that tremendously reduce technical architecture risk. This paper will identify factors critical to the success of a technical architecture design project. We will discuss successful methods used at the most demanding relational database projects in the world, and we will tell you how to use those methods to make your application succeed.

This is the original document published January 3, 1996, brought to you here with the kind permission of Oracle Corporation.

By Cary Millsap

Owner and president of Method R Corporation.

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