Why would I need Method R when I have ASH, AWR, and OEM?

Oracle’s and Method R’s performance tools are not mutually exclusive. Just about every Method R customer in the world uses ASH (Active Session History), AWR (Automatic Workload Repository), and OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), too.

People use Method R software in conjunction with these other tools because Method R provides important additional value. Two examples:

  • ASH, AWR, and OEM are tools designed for DBAs, not application developers. Developers don’t usually even have access to them. So, while ASH, AWR, and OEM help experienced specialists study production systems, they don’t help your developers create scalable, high-performance systems.
  • OEM and the dozens of third-party tools that are based on ASH and AWR are tricky to use, even for DBAs. They don’t show code path, and they don’t help you answer, even approximately, the four fundamental questions about performance: How long? Why? What if? and What else? Experienced Oracle specialists spend a lot of time trying to make sense out of Oracle’s complex performance diagnostic data.

Method R software saves you time by doing that hard work for you. We make it easy for developers and DBAs of all experience levels to learn exactly why your software consumes the time it does.

By Cary Millsap

Owner and president of Method R Corporation.

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