Release Notes: Trace


  • 3897: Added new Product Support section to the Help Center page.
  • 3924: Your license status (Trial or Licensed) now shows up on the banner page that pops when you first use MR Trace.
  • 3920: Fixed a bug in which more than one application could be marked as Default.
  • 3919: MR Trace now throws a graceful error when you click in the local trace files panel to open a file that has been deleted or renamed in the filesystem behind MR Trace’s back.
  • 3913: New Buy License button links to purchase site from Method R Trace panel when the trial license is expired.
  • 3911: Delete File now deletes without a nagging “Are you sure?” dialog. New multi-level Undo Delete feature allows you to undo mistakes.
  • 3909: Fixed orange box that lingered around a column in the final row of the trace file panel when you click off-row to clear the selection.
  • 3896: Clicking out of an editable field now properly changes focus.
  • 3895: Clicking a tag (column) heading now saves an in-process tag edit.
  • 3891: Updating MR Trace no longer overwrites user-defined file Open commands.
  • 3887: “Ask for tag values…” label now grays out when “Enable…” box is unchecked.
  • 3880: Context menu longer displays when no trace file rows are selected.
  • 3879: Method R Trace panel now docks in the bottom right-hand corner (where it appears initially upon installation) after hiding and then re-rendering from the View menu.
  • 3876: Preferences panel now remembers the tracing Enabled/Disabled state.
  • 3873: CPU Count column is now right justified.
  • 3872: Trace file fetch now renders a progress indicator.
  • 3871: Size column value is now right justified and rendered with commas.
  • 3867: Method R Trace file panel now remembers customized column widths and sort order preference.
  • 3865: CPU Count and Platform Name trace file tags are now properly automatically populated.
  • 3863: Activating your License now enables all MR Trace panels without requiring a SQL Developer restart.
  • 3862: Replaced Java icon on dialog boxes with Method R logo icon.
  • 3855: New indicator confirms when you’ve opened a trace file. Previously, you could click, see no visual indicator, and then click again, wondering whether MR Trace “heard” your click.
  • 3841: All delete keys are respected.
  • 3839: Trace file panel buttons are now suitably spaced.
  • 3795: New Refresh button allows you to refresh the MR Trace main trace file panel anytime you want.

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