Release Notes: Trace


  • 4395: MR Trace version 1 license keys are not valid for MR Trace version 2. To enjoy the new features in version 2, purchase a version 2 license in one of our new software packages, or independently from our store.
  • 4386: Fixed bug in “Ask to download files files larger than:” feature that asked on files that were smaller than the chosen threshold.
  • 4357: Fixed bug causing file open commands that display the banner page to not open the file.
  • 4356: Fixed bug where after upgrading, column sort indicator didn’t show.
  • 4339: Added gray circle-x to Filter… field that allows quick resetting of filter text.
  • 4287: Local Trace Files panel now highlights the most recently downloaded files for easy identification.
  • 4286: Fixed bug in which ‘&’ character showed up as part of an External Tool’s name.
  • 4012: File sizes now render in Kilobytes for clearer comparison.
  • 4011: Columns with right-justified values now have right-justified headings.
  • 3980: MR Trace can now access all trace files on the database server using a combination of Java and PL/SQL code. This code can be reviewed in the Installation Script.
  • 3974: MR Trace is now capable of transferring trace files from RAC environments.
  • 3927: New Date Added column isn’t affected by edits to Project and Description tags to maintain a stable sorting order of times when files were created.
  • 3903: Local Trace Files panel now contains both Node Name and Instance Name to uniquely identify a file’s origin.
  • 3849: New Trace Files panel associated with specific connection in Connections panel allows you to fetch any trace file on the connected system.
  • 3799: MR Trace now uses the External Tools functionality in Oracle SQL Developer for passing along trace files for processing by Method R Profiler, a text editor, or other analysis tools.

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