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Why You Need a Profiler for Oracle

If you use Oracle and you care about performance, then you need a profiler for Oracle. This video, created and narrated by Cary Millsap, explains why.

In this video, you’ll learn…

  • Why is profiling important?
  • How does a profiler connect you to the experiences your users are having with your system?
  • How does a profiler create a consistent, company-wide language for talking about performance?
  • Why does profiling require less training than other performance measurement tools?
  • What are the four simple questions that any good performance analyst must be able to answer?
  • What are the only two possible root causes for any software performance problem?
  • How can you predict how performance will change without having to try your proposed remedy action?
  • How can you know when you’re finished optimizing?

By Cary Millsap

Owner and president of Method R Corporation.

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