Release Notes: Trace


  • 4909: The Method R Trace “trace and retrieve trace file upon Run Script” feature now works with Oracle SQL Developer 4.0.
  • 5064: Method R Trace now allows UTF-8 multi-byte characters in the license file.
  • 5343: Method R Trace install script now works for Oracle Database version 12.
  • 5455: We now refer consistently to “Method R Trace” throughout the product, instead of “MR Trace”.
  • 5456: Updated Method R Trace logos throughout the product.
  • 5457: All new Help Center documentation leads you through what you need to know to install and run Method R Trace for Oracle SQL Developer version 4.
  • 5577: New Method R Trace documentation page is listed in the Help Center table of contents.
  • 5585: Method R Trace now saves user customizations to the Local Trace Files grid layout.

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