Release Notes: Workbench


  • 6981: Removed the “alias call=” string from trcsess scripts generated by –script=mswin.
  • 6976: Documented the requirement for MRWORKBENCH_INSTALL environment variable in the mrprof man page.
  • 6957: Fixed a bug causing the version number to render improperly when using –version.
  • 6952: calls.rc file indents SQL text in addition to the call name.
  • 6929: New mrls –tags option shows trace file tags stored in the Method R Workbench database.
  • 6911: Removed single quotes from the default group and select labels.
  • 6893: Fixed a bug causing mrprof to report dramatically exaggerated LIO counts for RPC EXEC calls.
  • 6887: Canonicalized and alphabetized action names to make them easier to find.
  • 6879: Moved the buttons that affect the output pane to be close to the output pane.
  • 6876: Renamed the actions to be shorter, more consistent, and easier to search.
  • 6872: mrprof now renders tag information for the input file in its Method R Profile HTML report.
  • 6846: Fixed a bug causing the “?” character in the VERSION column to align improperly sometimes.
  • 6845: New mrls –status option shows mrls status in each row of output.
  • 6841: Workbench now loads all sample files when you click the “…load sample files” link.
  • 6837: Changed Files pane footer status to provide more information about how many files have been selected, loaded, and filtered.
  • 6821: New Reset button makes it easy to restore preferences to factory defaults.
  • 6820: References to “id” have been changed to “ID”.
  • 6818: mrprof now puts the licensee’s full name into the profile HTML report.
  • 6782: New filter widget for the middle pane makes it easy to find the report or manipulation you’re looking for with just a few keystrokes.
  • 6781: New search field makes it easy to filter your view of the files pane.
  • 6776: New “Response time by call begin and end time sequence” report makes it easy to see the timeline of when calls were executed, even across trace files.
  • 6760: Added license ID to license key information.
  • 6736: Renamed the “ORA” column to “VERSION”.
  • 6732: Changed hover highlight color to a theme-consistent light blue.
  • 6716: New “Response time by file name and line number for a given call name pattern” report makes it easy to identify exactly where (file name and line number) your set of trace files’ longest-duration calls are.
  • 6693: Changed spelling of “sharable” to “shareable” throughout the product.
  • 6676: Fixed a man page bug that mistakenly referred to –exp instead of –rc=exp.rc.
  • 6664: Files pane filter helps you remove clutter, to see only the files that you want to see.
  • 6644: Fixed a bug in which $ssqlid would display differently in mrskew than in mrprof.
  • 6591: Fixed doc typo.
  • 6573: Added File › Add Sample… feature.
  • 6548: Show all the digits of the Oracle version number instead of just the first two.
  • 6543: New integrated Workbench application automatically profiles your trace files as you load them.
  • 6536: Open an input trace file in your default application for .trc files with a single click.
  • 6506: New “Tags” column in the Files pane works in conjunction with the new filter feature to make it easier for you to organize and find your trace files.
  • 6504: Fixed a bug causing mrprof to incorrectly handle input files whose names contain invalid XML characters.
  • 6491: Fixed a problem with column-head checkbox not responding consistently to clicks.
  • 6258: Changed “R” column label to “DURATION”.
  • 5889: mrprof and the Method R Tools utilities are now fully integrated in a rich, full-featured Method R Workbench application.

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