Release Notes: Trace


  • 7087: Changed license validation process so that a license is valid until 23:59:59 UTC instead of 00:00:00 UTC on the date specified.
  • 7083: Files list is now presented as an historical record of Trace File Downloads rather than a list of Local Trace Files.
  • 7082: Replaced button text labels with icons.
  • 7080: Exposed the Change download directory widget on the front page of the application, which makes it easy to change the location to which the next trace file will be downloaded.
  • 7079: Updated Method R Trace Update Center text.
  • 7072: Fixed a bug causing mrtrace not to install correctly from the SQL Developer Update Center.
  • 7065: Cleaned up the Trace File Downloads panel by removing the Node Name and Instance Name columns.
  • 7056: Changed Trace File Downloads pane column names and column order to match the names in the Method R Workbench files pane.
  • 6943: Eliminated Ask to download files larger than preference in favor of Show progress dialog for downloads larger than preference.
  • 6938: Reduced the distribution size by removing unused jar files.
  • 6937: Show favicon in Trace File Downloads tab label.
  • 6757: Fixed a bug preventing the Trace File Downloads pane from minimizing properly (the “Big Icon” bug).
  • 6203: Updated Method R Trace logos and icons throughout the extension.
  • 5952: Fixed a bug causing an uncloseable trace file download progress dialog not to close after the file is downloaded.
  • 5755: Fixed a bug causing mrtrace not to trace the first session after an Oracle SQL Developer restart.
  • 5597: Removed Project, Author, and Description fields in deference to the more robust and useful Method R Workbench file tagging feature.
  • 5596: Changed the license management UI to match the Method R Workbench application experience.

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