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Trace 18.2

Today we celebrate the release of Method R Trace version 18.2. Method R Trace is our zero-click trace file collector for Oracle SQL Developer. Version 18.2 is the follow-up to version 3.1, which has served us well since 2015.

The new version numbering scheme, of course, follows the Oracle SQL Developer version numbering scheme, which uses two digits of the calendar year and the quarter within that year as its major and minor version numbers. It is compatible with Oracle SQL Developer version 18.2 and Method R Workbench version 8. Method R Trace 18.2 is unmistakably descended from version 3.1, but there are some big differences.

  • We have exposed the “Change download directory” control to the front page. This makes it easy to instruct Method R Trace to download your trace files into your file system’s organizational hierarchy (we recommend grouping your trace files in a folder hierarchy by project, application, and function). Organizing your files this way lets you load whole folders full of hundreds or even thousands of trace files with Method R Workbench.
  • The old “Local Trace Files” panel has become the new “Trace File Downloads” panel, which serves as a history of the most recent trace files you’ve downloaded.
  • We use icons instead of text for the application’s button controls, which removes visual clutter from the application.
  • And now you can drag files directly from the “Trace File Downloads” panel into the Method R Workbench files pane. It’s the ultimate in integration simplicity.

Method R Trace 18.2 is available today. It is a standard part of the Method R Workbench software package. It is also available with a standalone 1-year subscription license. Introductory pricing is 50 per year at Contact our partner, Cintra Software and Services, to inquire about volume discounts.

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