Release Notes: Trace


  • 7141: Method R Trace now pauses in-flight downloads while any script is running in the same worksheet.
  • 7136: Removed “METHODR_” from each fetched trace file name.
  • 7133: Method R Trace now reveals any errors that might occur during its installation script execution.
  • 7119: Updated title and copyright information in the installation script.
  • 7118: Use fixed-pitch font to make the installation script and the script’s output easier to read.
  • 7112: Introduced new METHODR user and MRTRACE PL/SQL package in the installation script to support more accurate trace file collection.
  • 7108: Method R Trace now exposes details about file download errors in each relevant Trace File Downloads row.
  • 7104: New “Clear rows” button clears the “Trace File Downloads” section.
  • 7103: Fixed a bug causing Method R Trace to display SQL or PL/SQL statement text as “cursor#%d at file ‘%s’” instead of showing the SQL or PL/SQL itself.
  • 6974: Removed “Show progress dialog for downloads larger than:” dialog, because now we show a progress bar in the new Status column for each download.
  • 6973: New progress bar makes it clear when Method R Trace is downloading a file.
  • 6787: Removed unnecessary SQL executions from within the trace file scope, yielding better script execution measurement accuracy.

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