Release Notes: Trace


  • 7453: Fixed an issue that could cause Trace to hang during initialization.
  • 7418: Improved the Help › About › Method R Trace license key dialog.
  • 7373: Fixed a bug that prevented Method R Trace from downloading the very first trace file generated after installation.
  • 7358: Improved installation and runtime error reporting.
  • 7247: Fixed a bug causing Trace not to show the Help › About dialog if the license file is missing.
  • 7246: Fixed a bug causing Trace to show itself as being enabled when there’s no license file.
  • 7245: Fixed a bug causing Trace not to display the preference or banner pages if there’s no license file.
  • 7244: Fixed a bug causing SQL Developer to throw exceptions related to license management.
  • 7235: Fixed a bug that could cause Trace not to include the SQL text for all the cursors in its fetched trace file.
  • 7125: Added a new page to the install wizard that displays exceptions encountered when enabling or disabling trace.
  • 6786: Added preference options for manipulating BINDS and PLAN_STAT values.
  • 5601: Fixed issue that caused Trace to block context menu from appearing when right-clicking in the SQL Developer Reports view.
  • 4387: Fixed a bug causing the trace file name to be missing from the trace file.

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