Release Notes: Workbench


  • 7454: Renamed “Profiler Error” dialog to “Method R Workbench Error”.
  • 7452: Fixed a bug where the application could raise an empty error dialog.
  • 7451: Method R Workbench now migrates your configuration files automatically, without asking.
  • 7443: Fixed a bug in which Method R Workbench would use a cdefs.xml configuration file from a directory other than the most recent product directory.
  • 7440: Improved the formatting of the Method R Workbench log output.
  • 7439: “Open profile” tool tip now says “Open profile (shift-click to re-profile)”.
  • 7438: Fixed the accidental omission of mrprof.cmd from the Microsoft Windows port distribution.
  • 7437: Fixed a bug causing Method R Workbench not to write XSL transform diagnostics to its log file.
  • 7433: Fixed a bug on Microsoft Windows causing mrprof to create incorrect HTML output when automatically re-profiling.
  • 7430: Improved the icons denoting expanded and collapsed items.
  • 7428: Fixed a Preferences panel bug causing the collapsed and expanded icons to be swapped.
  • 7426: Clicking any status icon now opens an explanatory dialog.
  • 7425: Fixed a bug causing the automatic re-profile feature to not detect when a change has occurred to the cdefs file.
  • 7421: Fixed a bug causing selections not to work properly in the command text and command output widgets.
  • 7420: Workbench now warns if a .trc file’s mtime is in the future, which, if left unrepaired, will cause Workbench to re-profile the input trace file every time you click its duration.
  • 7419: Changed the word “latency” to “duration” in advisory sentences where the word “latency” was technically inaccurate.
  • 7417: The “Mastering Oracle Trace Data” button now opens the new third edition of The Method R Guide to Mastering Oracle Trace Data, by Cary V. Millsap.
  • 7413: Fixed a bug causing an empty Profiler Error dialog to occur when it shouldn’t.
  • 7412: Fixed a bug causing the license key to expire 23h 59m 59s prematurely.
  • 7411: Fixed a bug that can cause the application not to launch using workbench.cmd file on Windows.
  • 7410: Fixed a bug where whitespace in a configuration file name might cause mrprof to fail to start.
  • 7398: Fixed a couple of HTML5 nonconformities detected with the W3C validator.
  • 7397: Fixed a bug causing View › Zoom In not to work until after you use View › Zoom Out or View › Zoom Reset.

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