Release Notes: Trace


  • 7663: Changed the Help › About › Extensions list name of the product to “Method R Trace”, without the “for SQL Developer” part.
  • 7661: Removed the About Oracle SQL Developer › Method R Trace tab (the existence of which, confusingly, varied by context).
  • 7660: Changed the documentation at to instruct people to use the new Preferences › Method R Trace › License dialog for license key entry.
  • 7659: Removed the need for the METHODR user to have EXECUTE privilege upon DBMS_UTILITY.
  • 7657: Modified the installation script to GRANT the CREATE SESSION privilege to the METHODR user.
  • 7656: Created a new Preferences › Method R Trace › License page.
  • 7560: Fixed a bug that causes Oracle session attributes to be missing in all but the first trace file generated during a given SQL Developer connection.
  • 7138: Now you can undo the action performed by the Clear button.
  • 7137: Clear button now clears only selected rows.
  • 4362: Added count of selected files to the bottom of the Trace File Downloads pane.

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