Cary Millsap it42it Interview

On January 27, my dear friend Mogens Nørgaard hosted me for a 1:39:13 chat, which he flatteringly called “Cary Millsap—the master thinker of application performance and more.” It’s a long, wandering conversation that I really enjoyed.

Here’s how Mogens describes it:

“Cary Millsap, one of the original Junta members of the OakTable, shares his deep insights into everything performance. You’ll hear about things like: Oracle, OFA 1991 IOUG, VLDB stretches HW, SPG, Hotsos, Jeff Holt, Book 2003, profilers, The Goal, trace everything? Always? A leads to B leads to C, SQL Server instrumentation? Tyranny of the compatible, being scientific, The Ratio World, plus Q minus A :-), Linux, Dtrace, and more. You’ll know everything about performance!”

Note that he left out the part about Lincos, the Language for Cosmic Intercourse.—the-master-thinker-of-application-performance-and-more-eaogu6

By Cary Millsap

Owner and president of Method R Corporation.

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