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Some things you probably didn’t know about Oracle tracing (Dallas edition)

It really is OK to trace everything—even your whole database if you want to. But you have to do it right. This session explains how to safely trace anything you want, and why you’d want to trace your programs in the first place. This is a Dallas Oracle Users Group (DOUG) webinar presentation, recorded on 7 May 2020.

Some things you probably didn’t know about Oracle tracing

Topics include:

  • How to trace so that it doesn’t cause problems for anybody
  • What tracing gives you that you can’t get from ASH and AWR
  • Why being able to answer four simple-sounding questions opens up a whole new world for you
  • How to use trace data to answer the questions How long? Why? What if? and What else?
  • How to predict the impact of a proposed change, and why that’s valuable
  • How to diagnose performance problems, even really tricky intermittent ones
  • How to draw a Gantt chart of how your workload fits together, and how this help you solve application inefficiencies

I also touch briefly upon how trace data can help you measure and test your system the way your users feel it, how to use trace data to drive code reviews between developers and DBAs, and how to use trace data to plan how much capacity you’ll need.

I hope you enjoy the session.

By Cary Millsap

Owner and president of Method R Corporation.

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