Release Notes: Workbench


  • 8142: Fixed a bug that could cause an empty argument value to be processed improperly in mrskew commands on Microsoft Windows.
  • 8134: Fixed a bug that could cause quotes to be processed improperly in mrskew commands on Microsoft Windows.
  • 8130: The application now prepends the start time of an action execution to the name of the action in the output pane. The time consumed by the action now prints after the final row of the action’s output.
  • 8126: The Workbench application now pops a dialog when you’re getting close to your license expiration date.
  • 8120: Fixed a bug that prevented Workbench from automatically restarting after an upgrade.
  • 8115: Renamed “Duration by call begin and end times” to “Duration by call begin TIM and end TIM”, and added --top=0.
  • 8113: Fixed a column alignment problem with “Duration by EXEC ID, SQL ID, and placeholder value set” report format.
  • 8105: Tool tip text for Directory and File values now shows the full name of the directory or file, which helps especially when a restricted column width prevents you from seeing the full name.
  • 8104: Fixed a bug that would mistakenly allow the Workbench application to load a .trc.gz file.
  • 8102: Standardized quoting in predefined action commands.
  • 8096: Fixed the mrskew man page description of the --pform and --csv options.
  • 8090: Fixed a bug where mrcrop linerange might not correctly copy the SQL statement text for a PARSE ERROR.
  • 8086: Fixed a bug for Workbench on macOS that would cause the 10 MB Java library folder to be duplicated instead of linked symbolically, when upgrading from version 9.0.1 or earlier.

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