Release Notes: Workbench


  • 8172: Fixed a problem causing some mrcrop error messages to be formatted inconsistently.
  • 8170: Fixed a bug that would cause the string “null” to be appended to the file name when using File › Save Output….
  • 8166: Fixed a bug that caused abnormal termination of mrprofk and other utilities when using a trial license key.
  • 8164: Moved all installation prerequisites and troubleshooting documentation to the mrworkbench man page, at
  • 8163: Moved prerequisite documentation from a web page to the mrworkbench man page, and improved the installation troubleshooting advice on the mrworkbench man page.
  • 8162: Added to the mrprof man page that the default value of the –trace option is the empty string.
  • 8160: Improved the Method R Workbench for Windows dialog text when WinRun4J cannot find a suitable JVM.
  • 8159: Improved error message formatting.
  • 8157: Fixed a bug causing the “%.3f seconds” message at the end of an erroneous action execution to concatenate improperly with the error message.
  • 8154: Added a new “Cut output” feature (Edit › Cut Output and a new button) for the output pane.
  • 8152: The Workbench application now saves the state of the most recently selected item in the actions pane, so that when you start the application, the action that was selected at the end of the previous session is selected at the beginning of a new session. Using View › Clear Application will reset the selection to “Duration by call name”.
  • 8151: Reorganized the Workbench application menus to make features easier to find and execute.
  • 8148: Removed the Edit › Clear Output and Files menu option, which didn’t work properly. Replaced with a new View › Clear Application option, which clears the files pane, files filter, actions filter, and output pane with one click.
  • 8141: Eliminated the confusing Reload and Unload right-click options in the files pane.
  • 8139: New right-click option for any value in the files pane makes it easy to copy the value under the cursor for easy pasting into an emails, reports, etc.
  • 8136: Fixed a bug that would cause mrskew not to recognize the –listrc option when used in conjunction with the –noinitrc option.
  • 8121: Workbench application now uses audio feedback to notify the user of action completions, errors, and so on.
  • 8103: Added two new reports to the actions pane: “Duration by PARSE ID” and “Duration by call name for given PARSE ID value”.
  • 8091: New Select menu options give another means to access the Select › All and Select › None functions, and the new Select › Invert function allows you to quickly invert your visible files pane selections.

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