Release Notes: Trace


  • 8360: Simplified the Oracle Database object installation process.
  • 8343: Database object installation script no longer complains when the METHODR user already exists.
  • 8342: Added a new “Statistics level” preference to the Preferences panel, and orthogonalized the “Bind values” preference to have the same type of widget as the other preferences.
  • 8336: Changed the name of the extension in the View menu from “Trace File Downloads” to “Method R Trace”.
  • 8329: We’ve created a whole-new even more efficient ultra-clean design for Method R Trace. The files pane, which had always been a redundant subset of your Finder/Explorer, is gone, replaced by a status pane that informs you about your most recent activity.
  • 8328: Updated help text to refer to the central authoritative documentation source at
  • 8326: Replaced the big “Method R Trace Enabled” and “Method R Trace Disabled” toggle button with a tidy green/clear lamp indicator on the toolbar.
  • 8320: Simplified the Preferences › Method R Trace › Setup panel by eliminating the redundant “Enable SQL tracing and file downloading” option.

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