Release Notes: Workbench


  • 8460: Fixed the mrls man page to emphasize that mrls ignores files with names not matching `*.trc`.
  • 8459: Changed the size of the About and Help › License dialog boxes to not require the vertical scrollbar upon opening.
  • 8457: Created some new event sub-types and modified some tolerances.
  • 8454: Added instructions at about how to change Java versions.
  • 8452: Improved advisory text for cases when “%d other subroutines” accounts for PROFILE-RELEVANCE-THRESHOLD or more of total response time.
  • 8451: New `mrcrop bytes` command makes it easy to crop a trace file by a byte offset range.
  • 8449: Improved description of –include=VERSION field.
  • 8444: Clarified the `mrcrop linerange` –start-line and –end-line option documentation.
  • 8441: Refined the blue Method R Workbench icon.
  • 8435: New action: “Duration by SQL ID, SQL text, and call name”.
  • 8433: mrprof now honors sub-typing of synthetic calls in cdefs.xml, such as the new “unaccounted-for within dbcalls [trace error]” subtype.
  • 8432: Improved advisory text for a case in which a single “unaccounted-for within dbcalls” call duration dominates the call type’s overall contribution.

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