Release Notes: Workbench


  • 8620: mrskew now recognizes BINDS sections that contain empty lines.
  • 8616: Workbench now saves the state of the “Pause profiling”/”Resume profiling” button after closing and reopening the application.
  • 8611: Fixed an inconsequential typo in mrcrop-bytes man page.
  • 8608: Refined the way Workbench uses sounds to notify the user that potentially long-running actions have completed.
  • 8604: Workbench utilities mrprof and mrskew now recognize new Oracle 23c trace elements CLIENT IP and CONNECTION ID.
  • 8592: Added –rc=file option to mrprof and mrcrop and fixed a bug that would cause the Workbench to fail if too many files are selected.
  • 8590: Fixed a bug on Windows when a user tries to use a trc→ Workbench file association.
  • 8587: Fixed a problem causing the profile report to render in the wrong font.
  • 8571: Fixed a View › Clear Application bug.
  • 8559: Fixed a problem that would occur when loading files before a prior load operation had completed.
  • 8553: Fixed a big causing the automatic transmission to re-profile traces sometimes when it shouldn’t need to.
  • 8551: Fixed a bug that could cause the files pane to get into a weird state when loading many files.
  • 8546: Added a throughput report in “%d MB/sec” format to the end of each response time report in the output pane.
  • 8542: Fixed a bug which could occur if you pause profiling and then unload all files.
  • 8536: “About” dialog now contains more links to provide information about the product.
  • 8535: Added a `mrwhen f.trc | nl -ba` example to the mrwhen man page.
  • 8532: Fixed a bug that makes mrwhen output incorrect for SQL statement text that exceeds 4KB in length.
  • 8520: New updates and corrections for the MOTD book.
  • 8481: Workbench now emits a “Load Files” summary into the output pane at the end of a “Load Files” operation.
  • 7619: `mrcrop –continued-trace` option now takes a wildcard character.

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