Release Notes: Workbench


  • 8661: Fixed a bug where Workbench on macOS would not load a .trc file that is dragged onto the application icon.
  • 8656: Fixed some “Show example output” previews to match what a given action’s output will really look like.
  • 8654: Replaced “Duration by database block address (DBA) for /db.*read/ calls” and “Duration by database file ID for /db.*read/ calls” action labels with more general “Duration by p1 for a given call name pattern” and “Duration by p1:p2 for a given call name pattern”. This will make it easier for people to extend these actions to other calls.
  • 8652: Enhanced launcher logging and new content at makes installation and troubleshooting easier.
  • 8648: Fixed a bug causing the Check for Updates… download progress dialog to truncate the bottom third of the “Cancel” button.
  • 8645: Updated “Mastering Oracle Trace Data” book to reflect new spec for –group-label.
  • 8641: Made the “Duration by SQL ID, SQL text, and call name” report a little easier to read when the input trace is missing a PARSING IN CURSOR section.
  • 8640: Fixed a bug causing the “Duration by SQL ID, SQL text, and call name” action to malfunction.
  • 8639: mrskew now exits with an error code if any input file cannot be opened
  • 8634: mrskew now allows an expression value (not just a string value) for –group-label and –select-label.
  • 8633: Workbench now ships with our new “Tracing Oracle” book included; access it by clicking the button with the red-stripe book icon.
  • 8628: Workbench now runs natively on Apple silicon, about 3× times faster than on x86_64.
  • 8624: Confirmed that Method R Workbench application runs fine on Rosetta.

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