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Insum Insider: How to Optimize a System with Cary Millsap

Today, Michelle Skamene, Monty Latiolais, and Richard Soule of Insum chatted with me for an hour on their live stream. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


Batch Queue Management and the Magic of ‘2’

Trying to run too many simultaneous Concurrent Manager jobs hurts system performance. The temptation to make this error is powerful: the Concurrent Manager lets you specify any number of queues that you want, and certainly your intuition might tell you that more queues might yield better batch throughput. But executing more than about two simultaneous batch jobs on a CPU degrades response times for everyone and actually reduces the total amount of work the system can do for your business. This paper explains the science behind why the number 2.0 is the magical key to batch queue management that maximizes performance for everyone.

This article is marked © 2000 by Hotsos Enterprises, Ltd., but the current copyright owner is Cary Millsap.

Oracle Monographs Papers

The Case of the 2× Slower Report

Why does a report run twice as fast on an identically configured sandbox? It’s not the execution plan. Method R Workbench makes it easy to find out.

This is article number six in the Method R Oracle® Performance Monograph series. I hope you’ll enjoy it.