Trace Release Notes


  • 3897: Added new Product Support section to the Help Center page.
  • 3924: Your license status (Trial or Licensed) now shows up on the banner page that pops when you first use MR Trace.
  • 3920: Fixed a bug in which more than one application could be marked as Default.
  • 3919: MR Trace now throws a graceful error when you click in the local trace files panel to open a file that has been deleted or renamed in the filesystem behind MR Trace’s back.
  • 3913: New Buy License button links to purchase site from Method R Trace panel when the trial license is expired.
  • 3911: Delete File now deletes without a nagging “Are you sure?” dialog. New multi-level Undo Delete feature allows you to undo mistakes.
  • 3909: Fixed orange box that lingered around a column in the final row of the trace file panel when you click off-row to clear the selection.
  • 3896: Clicking out of an editable field now properly changes focus.
  • 3895: Clicking a tag (column) heading now saves an in-process tag edit.
  • 3891: Updating MR Trace no longer overwrites user-defined file Open commands.
  • 3887: “Ask for tag values…” label now grays out when “Enable…” box is unchecked.
  • 3880: Context menu longer displays when no trace file rows are selected.
  • 3879: Method R Trace panel now docks in the bottom right-hand corner (where it appears initially upon installation) after hiding and then re-rendering from the View menu.
  • 3876: Preferences panel now remembers the tracing Enabled/Disabled state.
  • 3873: CPU Count column is now right justified.
  • 3872: Trace file fetch now renders a progress indicator.
  • 3871: Size column value is now right justified and rendered with commas.
  • 3867: Method R Trace file panel now remembers customized column widths and sort order preference.
  • 3865: CPU Count and Platform Name trace file tags are now properly automatically populated.
  • 3863: Activating your License now enables all MR Trace panels without requiring a SQL Developer restart.
  • 3862: Replaced Java icon on dialog boxes with Method R logo icon.
  • 3855: New indicator confirms when you’ve opened a trace file. Previously, you could click, see no visual indicator, and then click again, wondering whether MR Trace “heard” your click.
  • 3841: All delete keys are respected.
  • 3839: Trace file panel buttons are now suitably spaced.
  • 3795: New Refresh button allows you to refresh the MR Trace main trace file panel anytime you want.

Best toolset

I have used the Profiler software since 2002 to solve numerous elusive performance problems. Method R Workbench is the best Oracle performance diagnostic toolset I have ever used.

Andrew Zitelli · Principal Software Engineer with Honors, Thales-Raytheon Systems · Fullerton, California
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Method R beats the “free” stuff: an OraSRP comparison

The Profiler (combined with Method R) has enabled me to resolve performance problems that could not have been resolved in any way other than by pure luck. The return of the modest investment cannot be beat. I saved a failing project as soon as I got it. I highly recommend it over the so-called “free” stuff. The authors of the free tools are trying to contribute to the Oracle community but I found it detrimental to my efforts. And I wanted to kick myself for trying to write my own for so long when I should have conducted a simple buy-vs-build assessment.


Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance

Half the battle of writing good SQL is in understanding how the Oracle query optimizer analyzes your code and applies statistics in order to derive the “best” execution plan. The other half of the battle is successfully applying that knowledge to the databases that you manage.


The Oracle Advisors from a Different Perspective: Are You a Monkey or an Astronaut?

Oracle continues to add more and more automated features and advisors to assist with diagnosing and fixing problems. Given all this automation and advice Oracle is providing, a question to ask is whether or not all this advice is “dumbing us down” or “smartening us up.” This paper explores this question and asks you to consider, “Are you a monkey or an astronaut?”


Cary has the rare ability…

Cary has the rare ability to teach complex topics in a manner that everyone can understand. He is innovative and entertaining, and he always challenges his audiences to think beyond the status quo.

Andrew Zitelli · Principal Software Engineer with Honors at Thales-Raytheon Systems · Fullerton, California

Thinking Clearly about Performance

Thinking Clearly about Performance is a 1-day course based on chapter 1 of Cary Millsap’s The Method R Guide to Mastering Oracle Trace Data, 2nd edition, and featured in Communications of the ACM. It describes the principles behind performance problem solving and prevention, linking them together in a coherent journey covering the goals, the terms, the tools, and the decisions that maximize your application’s chance of having a long, productive, high-performance life. Examples in this course touch upon Oracle experiences, but the scope of the course is not restricted to Oracle products.


Don’t just buy this book but live it

If you are fed up with received wisdom that does not work, you recognize that performance tuning is a valuable skill for your business, and you wish to learn an effective scientific and repeatable approach to improving the performance of your business systems, don’t just buy this book but live it.

Niall Litchfield · DBA · Hampshire, UK

Optimizing Oracle Performance

This is the book that started an Oracle performance revolution: Optimizing Oracle Performance, by 2004 Oracle Magazine Authors of the Year Cary Millsap and Jeff Holt. In this book, Cary and Jeff defined not just the new response time optimization method called Method R, but the very standard by which performance improvement projects themselves should be measured.