At Method R, we share what we know. It’s a DNA-level commitment. And it’s paid off. Some people say our ideas have changed their lives.

We learned a long time ago that performance is not about dashboards. It’s about the experiences your users are having. It’s about the business that your system is meant to serve.

Our approach is innovative but common sense. And we explain it all in our writing. In detail.

How to Make Things Faster

Making things faster doesn’t always have to be complicated.

Slow systems are frustrating. They waste time and money. They can even kill projects and jeopardize careers. However, making consistently great decisions about performance can be surprisingly easy, …if you understand what’s going on.

How to Make Things Faster explains in a clear and thoughtful voice why systems perform the way they do. It is a book for anybody who is curious about how computer programs and other processes spend their time, and what you can do to improve them.

Mastering Oracle Trace Data

The biggest Oracle trace book ever, the 295-page Mastering Oracle Trace Data is the definitive guide to accurate, high-precision measurement of user performance experiences for Oracle application developers and DBAs.

It’s everything you need to know about trace files and how to use Method R software to extract the stories those files are trying to tell.

Tracing Oracle

Sometimes the hardest part about tracing Oracle is collecting and fetching the trace file. Tracing Oracle dives deep into all the details you’ll need to obtain the properly-scoped traces that will enable you to see performance problems that the people around you are missing.

Optimizing Oracle Performance

We were the first in the Oracle community to write about this new approach called Method R, way back in 2003, in our revolutionary O’Reilly book called Optimizing Oracle Performance. The Oracle Database has changed quite a lot since then, but the optimization goals and measurements explained in the book are still the same.