Fill the Glass

“Fill the Glass” is a new online event hosted by Cary Millsap. Every week, he spends a few minutes discussing topics of interest to technology professionals. Some episodes have guests; some are just Cary.

Recordings are available in the Method R “Fill the Glass” playlist at YouTube.

Here’s how to join our next session:

Event:Cary Millsap’s “Fill the Glass” (Zoom)
Date:Every Tuesday
Time:10:30am CDT (UTC −5:00)
Duration:15 minutes
Zoom local phone numbers:click here

Please be early when you attend a “Fill the Glass” session. Three reasons:

  1. We’ll start the show right on time. We don’t start late, no matter how many people haven’t signed in yet. If you’re late, you’ll miss stuff.
  2. Actually, you’ll miss stuff even if you’re on time. We’ll open each session at least 10 minutes early. That won’t be dead air time—it’ll be unrecorded bonus conversation time.
  3. Finally, our Zoom room will hold only 100 people. Since we’re inviting more than 100 people, the room might fill up. Getting in is a first-come, first-served proposition.

If you can’t make a session, don’t worry; we’ll post a recording on YouTube. But of course you’ll miss any pre-show bonus happenings and carryings-on. And the chance to interact.