Method R Logo

The Method R logo distinguishes the brand in a symbol and wordmark. Consistent use of the Method R logo is essential in creating a united brand identity. The master logo is supplied as artwork and should never be altered, distorted, or re-created in any way.

The preferred use of the logo is black typography on a flat white background. An alternate logo using white typography is to be used on flat colored backgrounds.

It is permissible to alter the grayscale of the logo to suit the background context. For example, the front and rear covers of The Method R Guide to Mastering Oracle Trace Data, from the 2nd edition 3rd printing onward, use a 60% saturation of pure black to render a gray color that matches the remainder of the type.

Logo Elements

Method R Diamond

The diamond in the Method R logo is a symmetrical version of the kind of diamond that you see in flowcharts. It represents the key distinction of the method itself: that there is a deterministic decision-making process that leads you—and everyone else, regardless of their experience level—from a single starting point to exactly the aspect of performance in your system that you should be focused on next. Method R is the antithesis of trial-and-error tuning, and we chose the diamond for our logo to help remind people of that.


The Method R wordmark renders the Method R name in a distinctive mix of case and slope in an old-style serif typeface.


The Method R logo shape and wordmark are trademarks. When using the Method R logo, include the TM symbol unless the size or location of the logo or reference makes this impossible or detrimental to the look and feel, in which case you should identify the logo as a Method R trademark by stating in an appropriate and obvious place that “Method R is a trademark of Method R Corporation.”

Logo Colorways

The logo is supplied in pure black and pure white for both print and web.

Exclusion Zone

The Method R logo must always have a clear area surrounding it, free from any other element.

To define this area, use half the height of the Method R Diamond to create the boundary of clear space around the logo.

Incorrect Use

Ensuring the proper application of the logo is essential to the Method R brand identity. This section shows examples of incorrect use. You must not, for example, …

  1. Change the spacing between the elements or characters.
  2. Position the logo on a multichromatic background.
  3. Change the color of the logo.
  4. Change the color or geometry of any element of the logo.
  5. Place the logo at an angle other than horizontal.
  6. Change the proportion of the logo.