Trace (2019-10-01)

Method R Trace 19.2.0 is ready for Oracle SQL Developer 19.2. It adds undo to the Clear button, eliminates the confusion over license key entry, and fixes a pesky bug that prevented you from seeing Oracle session attributes in your trace files.

Method R Optimization at a High-Profile Application Vendor

Fast triage of business-critical application performance issues High-profile app provider brings in Cintra’s User Experience services team to quickly address critical application performance issues, avoid financial penalties and keep its journey to the cloud on track.

Method R Optimization at a Global Food Retailer

Transformational application speed-up in just two days Cintra helps food retail giant accelerate load times of key screens from two minutes to two seconds in two days. This has enabled the retailer to successfully roll out its new product lifecycle management platform, a key enabler of its fresh food strategy.

Method R Optimization at a European Airline

European airline uses Method R to optimize key applications Method R enables a European airline to diagnose and resolve performance slowdowns within days, while demonstrating a $250K+ SAN upgrade was not required.

Trace (2019-06-20)

Method R Trace 19.1.3 fixes a defect on Windows 10 and adds a new status icon that makes it easier to drag trace files into other applications.