0% Crap, 100% Insight

I managed big time Oracle Databases and Applications for many years. Method R was the only thing I encountered that was 0% Crap and 100% Insight. With minimal effort this Method R Workbench tells it like it is. Richard Russell / Former 7-Eleven

Better Testing, Better Risk Reduction

When your tests don’t measure your system the way your users will perceive it, you can be headed for big trouble. When you test, you should measure how your application is going to feel to your users. These measurements give you confidence both in the programs you’ve tested, and in the diagnostic process you’ll use […]

Preventing the Post-Production Performance Problem

How confident are you that those new features you’re adding to your production application will be fast and efficient? What if they’re not? You need a process that finds inefficient code earlier, and a process to fix the inefficiencies that evade early detection. One process can accomplish both goals. This is article number two in […]

Cary Millsap it42it Interview

On January 27, my dear friend Mogens Nørgaard hosted me for a 1:39:13 chat, which he flatteringly called “Cary Millsap – the master thinker of application performance and more.” It’s a long, wandering conversation that I really enjoyed. Here’s how my friend Mogens describes it:

Solving the Unsolvable Performance Problem

How do you solve production performance problems? The method you use may be structurally incapable of helping you find certain types of performance problems. Changing how you look at your system makes all the difference. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing some short articles in a new series that I’m calling the Method […]

Trace (2019-10-01)

Method R Trace 19.2.0 is ready for Oracle SQL Developer 19.2. It adds undo to the Clear button, eliminates the confusion over license key entry, and fixes a pesky bug that prevented you from seeing Oracle session attributes in your trace files.