Mastering Oracle Trace Data, 3rd edition

When you want to know where every microsecond of your Oracle-based application’s time has gone, there’s only one way to find out: tracing. This book is the definitive guide to mastering Oracle trace data. The third edition…

Trace (2019-04-11)

Method R Trace 19.1.0 is our new release certified to run with Oracle SQL Developer 19.1. It adds the capability to choose your tracing level, includes better error reporting, and fixes defects found in 18.2.4.

Workbench (2019-01-22)

Method R Workbench 8.1.0 optimizes working with thousands of files at once. Now you can load folder objects from your Finder/Explorer application. Loading files is fast and now clutter-free in the output pane. One of our tests loads (which includes profiling) over 5,000 trace files (about 5GB) in just over five minutes. A new “Copy […]

Resetting User Session Handle Attributes in JDBC

From Oracle Database 12.1 onward, the JDBC driver provides a convenient method called setClientInfo to set user session handle attributes in the database. There are three user session handle attributes that are useful when instrumenting your application so that it identifies itself and exposes its actions in Oracle Database (such as in the V$SESSION view): […]