The Story behind “Thinking Clearly about Performance”

When I wrote Optimizing Oracle Performance with Jeff Holt back in 2003, my goal was to define a reliable, teachable method for fixing software performance problems. After a few months of contentment having finishing the project, I began to notice a trend in how people were responding to it. Many of the questions coming in […]

Best toolset

I have used the Profiler software since 2002 to solve numerous elusive performance problems. Method R Workbench is the best Oracle performance diagnostic toolset I have ever used. Andrew Zitelli / Principal Software Engineer with Honors, Thales-Raytheon Systems, Fullerton, California

Method R beats the “free” stuff: an OraSRP comparison

The Profiler (combined with Method R) has enabled me to resolve performance problems that could not have been resolved in any way other than by pure luck. The return of the modest investment cannot be beat. I saved a failing project as soon as I got it. I highly recommend it over the so-called “free” stuff. […]

Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance

Half the battle of writing good SQL is in understanding how the Oracle query optimizer analyzes your code and applies statistics in order to derive the “best” execution plan. The other half of the battle is successfully applying that knowledge to the databases that you manage.

Measure Once, Cut Twice (No, Really)

“Measure Twice, Cut Once” is a reminder that careful planning yields better gratification than going too quickly into operations that can’t be undone. Sometimes, however, it’s better to Measure Once, Cut Twice.

Optimizing Oracle Performance

This is the book that started an Oracle performance revolution: Optimizing Oracle Performance, by 2004 Oracle Magazine Authors of the Year Cary Millsap and Jeff Holt. In this book, Cary and Jeff defined not just the new response time optimization method called Method R, but the very standard by which performance improvement projects themselves should be measured. The […]

Performance Management Myths & Facts

(This is the original document published June 28, 1999, brought to you here with the kind permission of Oracle Corporation.) Performance management consists of problem diagnosis and repair, resource management, application optimization, and capacity planning.

System Architect’s Essential Role in Open Systems Implementations

(This is the original document published May 18, 1998, brought to you here with the kind permission of Oracle Corporation.) The enormous variety of technology options available in today’s open systems environment makes the role of system architect more critical than ever on both large and small projects.