Method R Workbench 9

The super-fast, high-precision application for managing, mining, and manipulating thousands of Oracle trace files at a time

Method R Trace

Our extension for Oracle SQL Developer, for creating and retrieving perfectly-scoped trace files with no extra clicks

Why Method R?

The fundamental measure of performance is response time—the duration that people spend waiting for some experience with their system to finish. Only by measuring response time can you guarantee that your system is not wasting any of your user’s time.

It’s strange, then, that neither Oracle nor the big tools vendors make software that can accurately measure the response time of an individual user experience.

It’s actually not so strange: measuring response time is a lot harder than you might have thought.

But here’s the thing…

We’ve figured it out. Method R makes two products that are indispensable for performance tuning, problem solving, software development, code reviews, performance tests, concept proofs, hardware and software evaluations, upgrades, troubleshooting, and more.