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Why you need a profiler for Oracle (4:07)

Feedback is what makes agility possible.

With the right tools, teams measure performance every day.

Fluid, natural, effortless.

Method R Trace 18.2 (1:52)

Our goal is to create software that is a delight to use, connecting you with your work so fluidly and naturally that you wouldn’t dream of working without us.

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John Scott

Founder of APEX Evangelists

Features you won’t find anywhere else.

  • See the story of your response time that allows you to answer—finally—the four “magic questions” of performance: how long? why? what if? and what else?
  • Everything is comprehensively documented in Cary Millsap’s “The Method R Guide to Mastering Oracle Trace Data (3rd edition).”
  • Each high-precision profile report explains 100.0% of your response time.
  • Use color and structure to guide your performance analysis.
  • Predict with confidence how a proposed change will affect response times.
  • Each report is expressed in simple units of time that users, developers, DBAs, and sysadmins can all understand and discuss.
  • Method R Profiler is FAST; you won’t have to wait around long to see where your time has been going.
  • See only the details that you want in profile reports that are carefully crafted to show only what is relevant.
  • Navigate fluidly through parent-child relationships among SQL and PL/SQL statements that affect response times.
  • Customize reports to suit your needs, including levels of detail, international number formats, and latency tolerances.
  • Stretch your imagination with sophisticated multi-dimensional skew analysis tools.
  • See immediately how your code path consumes time.
  • Our trace collector plugin for Oracle SQL Developer is exceptionally easy to use.
  • Learn to reach the high-performance potential of Oracle Database.
  • Use profiles as the basis for code reviews with DBAs and other developers.
  • Use profiles to measure user response times during performance tests.
  • Use profiles to decide among implementation choices.
  • Use profiles to identify inefficiencies and scalability inhibitors in your code.
  • Use profiles to troubleshoot performance cases with DBAs in production systems.
  • See where your users’ time is going with 1-microsecond resolution.
  • Our trace collector plug-in for Oracle SQL Developer gives developers secure access to exactly the trace files they need.
  • Use profiles to troubleshoot performance problems in production.
  • Predict with high confidence the response time impact of a proposed repair or upgrade.
  • Use high-precision profiles as the basis for code reviews with developers.
  • Measure response times during software evaluations.
  • Measure response times of competing alternatives during concept proofs.
  • Collect baseline response time measurements prior to hardware or software upgrades.
  • See summary information about thousands of trace files at a glance.
  • Create ad hoc reports on performance data that spans thousands of trace files.
  • Fix improperly collected trace files.

See it for yourself.