The way we optimize Oracle systems is different from the way you’ve probably been taught. We can teach you how to see problems you cannot see today.

Once you see how we do it, it changes you, the way you think. You stop guessing. You stop trying ideas that don’t work. You insist on straight answers to simple questions, like how long? why? what if? and what else? You make decisions you and your colleagues can trust. You grow. Your career grows.

Mastering Oracle Trace Data

Learn how to use Oracle traces to answer questions that you won’t answer any other way. This course includes nearly 14 hours of pre-recorded, self-paced training, taught by Cary Millsap, and a 30-day license key for Method R Workbench and Method R Trace that you can use to solve real problems during the course.

Tracing Oracle

When you want to know where every microsecond of your Oracle-based application’s time has gone, there’s only one way to find out: tracing. This course helps you navigate all the obstacles that stand between you and knowing exactly where your time is going.

How to Make Things Faster

Optimizing systems the way we do it takes a bit of a mental gear-shift. You’ve probably been taught your whole career that the way to look at performance problems is defined by a central compromise: that you cannot afford to get the data that you really need. It’s not true.

Being better at making systems go faster takes two kinds of skills: asking and answering. Some of these vital skills are technical, certainly, but some are political. This course helps you learn both.

Cary Millsap can help your whole department think clearly about why systems perform the way they do. Choose your favorite topics from his new book, How to Make Things Faster: look at it, method, profiling, measuring performance, optimizing, delays, waste, problem solving, predicting, latency hiding, fallacies, testing, planning, and politics.

Optimize Your Writing

A good technical document—like good thinking itself—needs to be relevant, strong, crisp, informative, and interesting. In this session, author Cary Millsap will show you how to improve your writing to better showcase your hard work, and even to improve the quality of the work you’re writing about.

Your work and your writing create a feedback loop, in which your writing informs—that is, actually changes—your work.